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Chess Lessons in Utah
chess tutor demonstrating a tactic in the Pirc opening - Jonathan Whitcomb
Do you live in the Salt Lake Valley? If you are a chess beginner or a competitor of up to intermediate skill, how greatly you may benefit from chess lessons in or near your home, from this chess tutor! Phone Jonathan: 801-590-9692 or contact him by email, and ask him about chess instruction, or ask what you will about competitive chess. He can easily drive to the following cities and towns in the central Salt Lake Valley and sometimes further out (He lives in Murray): Cottonwood Heights Holladay Midvale Murray Taylorsville West Jordan West Valley City If you live in another community in the Salt Lake Valley, you may still be able to benefit from chess lessons with the tutor Jonathan Whitcomb. Call him for more information:       801-590-9692
Chess Coach Jonathan Whitcomb
Chess book for beginners: Beat That Kid in Chess
Chess endgame of bishop-plus-knight on one side, lone king defending
A challenging end game to win
If you have a bishop and knight and your opponent has nothing but a king, how do win? Drive the defending king to the edge of the board. Yet if your opponent knows enough to put that king onto a square opposite in color to that of the squares of your bishop, in a corner, then you still have work to do. You’ll need to drive that king to a corner that can be controlled by your bishop. This required a special “W” technique of knight moves.
Cover of the paperback book "Beat That Kid in Chess" decorative cartoon of a chess knight
When does a chess beginner most need a tutor for private lessons? Do at least two of the following fit your situation? You want to learn chess quickly, not in months or years You want to quickly learn how to win games  There’s no major problem with investing $25 per lesson With many thousands of chess books available online, a beginner or intermediate player can feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Which books would be best for you? A better approach may be individualized private chess lessons, formulated just for you, based upon your individual needs. The chess-book author Jonathan Whitcomb, of Murray, Utah, is now offering a new method of chess instruction in private lessons in the Salt Lake Valley. Your own instructional sessions will be based on exactly where you now stand in chess abilities. What is the method? The new NIP approach: nearly-identical positions, which Whitcomb used in his book for beginners, Beat That Kid in Chess.
Instruction From a Chess Tutor
Puzzle from the book "Beat That Kid in Chess" "Nearly-identical position" method of chess instruction
The two positions shown above have much in common. Do you see the two things that make them different? What is White’s best move in the position on the left? What’s the best move for White on the right? (These are taken from Whitcomb’s book for beginners: Beat That Kid in Chess, available on Amazon, etc.) Many beginners would have no clue what to do in either position, yet private lessons from the chess tutor Jonathan Whitcomb can quickly clear up difficulties in tactical understanding. You’ll also get a free copy of his chess book. For those who can solve the above two puzzles, more advanced chess lessons can lead to a deeper understanding and increased abilities in the royal game. This chess tutor can help you improve your abilities in the opening, middle game, and end game. He can meet with you in private or group lessons or with a friend or family member who can watch and learn as well. The lessons can be at your home or at a public library or a park. Call 801-590-9692.
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